Training The Companion Dog DVD 2 : Behavior Problems (Ian Dunbar)

Verkoopprijs: 15,70 €

Winner of the Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Award for BEST DOG TRAINING VIDEO.

One of a set of four, specially edited DVDs based on the popular television series, Dogs With Dunbar — filmed at a stately home in the enchanting New Forest area of England.

Topics include: Settle Down. Home Alone. Crate Training. Housetraining. Chewing. Digging. Barking. Biting.

Some fields are lucky enough to be granted a giant: a figure whose contributions inspire awe and are unsurpassable. Ian Dunbar is that in dog behavior. There is no single person on the face of the planet to whom dog trainers and owners (not to mention dogs) owe more.

Jean Donaldson, author of The Culture Clash